Aliens vs Romans
Developed by Sick Kreation
Released on April 27th 2013
Sold on XBLIG for 80 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on May 2nd 2013 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for the game is interesting, with a nice bold game title and a horrible 80msp logo in the corner.

On loading the game you're presented with a pretty slick looking studio logo, a rather plain looking game logo and then a bunch of very well designed Roman themed intro screens detailing the background to the game.
Trial experience
After a rather lengthy loading period (for a game on XBLIG) you're dropped in to game and treated to a small cut scene showing a spaceship dropping off some alien creatures for you to murder. The game environment itself looks very well made with plenty of detail and rendering effects similar to those you'd see in most AAA titles these days (with the notable exception of any proper shadowing). You're given only a sword to fight off the first wave of invaders and stupidly it takes me just a swipe of the sword to kill each one (while they're blasting me to pieces with their guns).

Next follows another small cut scene and I see weapons have spawned. This time the enemies are a little tougher but it's the same thing really, I'm almost invincible as their weapons seem to have little effect on me.

Another wave of enemies, this time with cloaking capabilities. I grab the gun and quickly realise it's less practical than simply using the sword since it takes so many shots to kill something.

On to the next wave of enemies, this time they've somehow managed to place mounted gun turrets on the bridge. I did have trouble with this level however and died repeatedly. Eventually I ran out of time and the trial ended.
Overall thoughts
The developers of the game have clearly spent a lot of time making this game look gorgeous but seem to have massively failed to make the actual gameplay feel as slick. Aiming and shooting feels a little clunky and I ended up running straight up to most enemies while they were shooting at me just to stab then with the sword.

There is a notable lack of sound effects throughout playing the game for many things and while some places contain amazing particle effects (like when you kill an enemy), I feel there is a lot more scope for improvement to bring the whole experience up to par with what you'd expect for a game that looks this good.

Ultimately, the trial only showed how flawed the game is. If judging just on graphics alone I know a lot of people would just buy this on impulse based on the screenshots and might not even play the trial. Those that do play the trial however I think would be less likely to go on and buy the game.