Avatar Bump!
Developed by Milkstone Studios
Released on December 12th 2010
Sold on XBLIG for 80 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on March 21st 2011 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for Avatar Bump! is pretty nice and does represent the gameplay although you might not know what to expect from the box art alone. The loading screens are slick and well designed and the menu has great music, background and layout. First impressions are that this is a polished game.
Trial experience
After taking a quick look through the help menus and enjoying the rather lovely menu system it's time to start a new game. Loading is very quick and you're presented with a gorgeous view of the game arena. This was actually quite unexpected, the arena looks very well made and the lighting makes it look even better. This actually looks more like the kind of game you'd see on Xbox Live Arcade and not the Indie Games channel.

Even if I had not read the help text it'd be pretty obvious what you have to do. Two opponents emerge and start to bump me with the intention of knocking me into the outer spinning ring (which is a really nice touch). I quickly get knocked out but enjoy playing and immediately want to have another go.

The physics of the game seem to be very well thought out and when bumping into one-another it feels predictable and easy to control once you learn how the players move. My second game sees me lasting much longer than the first and I'm really enjoying playing the game.

I play a few more games, only managing to last a minute or so each time but notice that there are a bunch of unique environments to play in (although the size and layout of the arena itself does not change). A lot of work has been put into making this game varied and less repetitive and it works well. After my fourth or fifth game the trial finally ends.
Overall thoughts
Avatar Bump! is a great looking little arena game which is really fun to play and looks like it should belong on the Xbox Live Arcade.

The menus and in-game graphics are very high quality, the music and sound effects are also good and add to the experience. The gameplay, altough simple is quite addictive and fun once you learn how to move your player accurately.

This is definitely one of the best games I've played on XBLIG and is definitely one I'd like to try playing with friends.