Avatar Trials: Ninja Uprising
Developed by Stunt Bear Games
Released on April 26th 2013
Sold on XBLIG for 80 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on May 3rd 2013 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for the game is pretty slick and well presented. It's obviously an avatar game and the background and logo look pretty cool.

On loading the game you're presented with the game logo and some ninja themed music followed by the main menu with the game world visible behind. It's fairly well presented and the level select menu shows that there are three levels available with only the first available to play in the trial.
Trial experience
Starting the first level, I immediately notice a depth issue with the particle system in the game as particles in the 3D scene are being rendered over the top of 2D elements. This should have been an easy fix to make before the game was released.

I start running and quickly get used to the controls which use the standard left stick to move and right stick for camera adjustments. A jumps and I begin to jump across the platforms. After falling from the platforms I notice the character isn't standing on the ground properly and is instead standing a few inches above it which looks odd. I then also find what I can only assume is a bug where I can wall-jump and keep jumping to climb up the steep walls. Clearly a design flaw in the game since I can bypass the obstacles this way.

On the next set of obstacles I notice the game has the character grab the edges of platforms and pull himself up. Some effort has clearly gone in to these animations but the character clips through the platforms while pulling himself up which doesn't look very good.

I proceed to use the wall-jump technique to bypass most of the complex platform jumping areas and even found a part of the level where I could just jump over a gap and bypass a whole section. I reach the end of the level and decide to have another go and see if I can beat my time.

I beat my time again using the wall jump all the way to the end. Then have a look round the menus. Since There are no other levels to play I go and have a few more goes at the level and find even more odd collision issues with the objects in the game where I can walk on thin air! After messing around a little my trial time is over.
Overall thoughts
The game is well presented and the idea is good but unfortunately the few bugs in the game really do let it down. They need to stop the infinite wall jumping to stop people 'cheating' on the levels and the collision and clipping of animations through objects needs to be addressed if they expect people to be impressed with the trial and go on to buy the game.