Clover: A Curious Tale
Developed by Deej
Released on August 16th 2010
Sold on XBLIG for 400 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on March 21st 2011 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for Clover: A Curious Tale is well drawn, showing what would appear to be some of the major characters from the game and has a nice overall composition. The intro screens are very nice while being minimal they show that you don't need fancy graphics on your intro screens to make a great intro. The menu is well designed and the popup boxes have a nice old-paper look to them. First impressions are great, this is looking like a nice game.
Trial experience
Upon starting the game I see I'm inside a building and hear someone instructing me to open the door. Accompanying the voice is a nice drop-down showing the text and a picture of the character talking. This is well designed and very informative.

It becomes immediately apparent that I need to pick up the key I can see and I recognize the Fantastic Dizzy reference straight away. I also notice a card which stands out so I examine that and receive a watch. Opening the door (with the key) leads to a short clip of a guard coming in and speaking to me. This is very well done as it takes control away from the player for a brief moment while the character walks in and talks to you.

The speech in the game is very well done, while it might not be the best voice acting in a game it suits the style of the game well. I spend the next few minutes looking around, talking to characters and examining all the objects I can find. I quickly find some objects I can use to put out a fire and I get arrested! I feel great for helping the guy save his house from burning down and already dislike the guards that inhabit the world.

The levels have a very nice hand-painted look and give the game a unique visual style (although some of it's characters look like they belong in South Park). I walk around the prison and finally make my way out just as the trial ends.
Overall thoughts
Clover: A Curious Tale is a lovely little Dizzy-like game featuring a wide range of characters and a nice hand-painted visual style.

The first impressions of the game are high and the gameplay also does not disappoint. From loading up the game to ending the trial this was a great experience and is definitely a game I'd like to play more to find out what else the game has to offer and find out what the main character's future holds.