Magnetic By Nature: Awakening
Developed by Tripleslash Studios
Released on April 26th 2013
Sold on XBLIG for 80 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on May 1st 2013 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for the game is simplistic but high quality. The bold design and inclusion of a robot character shows the style of the game off well.

Oddly, when launching the game there is a screen simply saying Press (A). This seems out of place and pressing A proceeds to show the studio and middleware logos followed by the main game menu which is simple but pretty cool looking.
Trial experience
Quickly jumping straight in to the first level, we find ourselves controlling a robotic character in a bold landscape which looks like the inside of a cave, though littered with cogs and machine parts. The first few levels do a very good job of introducing the character to the core game play mechanics though I noticed the first level should have really had a 'press A to jump' prompt, since the following screens have prompts for running and the core gameplay mechanic of using magnets in game.

The game play itself is rather innovative and not something I've seen before. The concept is simple, there are magnets littered throughout the levels and you can either be drawn towards them, or repelled from them. You use this push/pull mechanic to navigate the levels while trying to avoid the deadly spinning blades and rivers that stop you from reaching your goal.

The controls feel pretty much spot on and there's clearly a lot of work gone in to the level design in the game. Gameplay wise this is definitely one of the better games on XBLIG. After playing through about 10 levels or so I reach the end of my trial time.
Overall thoughts
While the gameplay alone makes this a pretty awesome game, I felt the rest of the game didn't seem to be all that polished. The entrance and exit in to a level seemed rushed and the floating sprites looked out of place. The loading screen also feels like it's just been dropped in between these amazing levels.

There's also no indication throughout paying the trial of what progress you're making. I don't know if there are just a dozen levels in the game or if there are hundreds. If the end of level screen contained some details on your progress and perhaps tracked your fastest time then it would give you an indication of what more lies in the full version. As it stands it's hard to tell what you're getting if you buy the full version.

I definitely recommend you check this game out on XBLIG and I hope the devs will update the game with more polish and make it more game-like since it currently just feels like a prototype with no real aim to the game.