Pixel Man
Developed by Super Gravelyn Bros
Released on September 19th 2009
Sold on XBLIG for 80 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on March 16th 2010 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for Pixel Man is minimal, to say the least. Yet it does accurately represent the game and gives you an idea as to what to expect. The retro style of the intro fits perfectly with the game and the minimal start up time means you can get straight into the game. The game makes a great first impression.
Trial experience
Upon starting the first level I was impressed by the movement of Pixel Man. Many XBLIG games have clunky character movement and although Pixel Man himself is very blocky, the animation and movement is not which makes the game feel smooth even with it's retro look.

The first few levels introduce you to basic game concepts and are a great into into the game. You learn the goal is to reach the yellow exit, then learn that some levels contain multiple screens, then learn that the red areas are not meant to be stepped on!

The gameplay is relatively simple, it's a run and jump with some precise jumping needed to land on some of the platforms.

The levels included in the trial are all very easy, there's very little challenge but this does mean almost all players are likely to make it to the end of the trial. You're then prompted to purchase the game at the final screen.
Overall thoughts
Pixel Man is a great little retro platformer designed in the style of those old classic Atari-era games and is suitable for gamers of all ages.

The game is let down by the end of the Trial. The screen you see after completing the last trial level simply prompts you to purchase the game. It gives no indication as to what the full version contains and doesn't really sell the game to you. I think that screen should at least tell you how many levels are in the full game, and maybe tell you about more advanced obstacles that may feature later in the game.

I can only imagine that players will hit this screen and decide not to purchase the game because the trial levels are so easy and there's no indication that they'll get harder later on.