Pixelbit Snooker & Pool
Developed by Game Group
Released on January 10th 2011
Sold on XBLIG for 240 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on March 22nd 2011 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for Pixelbit Snooker & Pool is pretty much perfect, it shows a rack of pool balls and has nice title text. It's obvious from the box art what the game is (and of course the game name gives it away too).

The intro screens are nice and the main menu is very stylish, with a good use of screen space and showing a nice little view of the balls in the background. I did notice the lack of music as there is none what-so-ever.

First impressions are great, the intro to the game is very stylish and looks very polished.
Trial experience
When choosing to start a game you get plenty of options as to what type of game you want to play, I opt for UK 8 ball and as the game loads up I'm presented with a page full of text instructing me how to play the game. While this is informative I usually prefer on-screen prompts to indicate what the buttons do.

I'm not into the game and the graphics look very nice. The table is well lit and the balls all have a nice looking shadow underneath them. Aiming seems effective and the little indicator that shows on the table is well designed and the tiny little animation is a nice touch.

The sound effects are very nice and realistic. When balls hit and get pocketed they sound just right and it adds a lot to the feel of the game. I lose the first frame after pocketing the white on my last yellow ball and start the second frame.

The camera angles the game uses while the AI is playing are nice as they offer a skewed view of the table and let you see what's going on. The camera and aiming controls while you're preparing to take your shot are also nice and allow you to view from multiple viewpoints and angles, so you can get a better view to help you aim your shot.

Half way through the second frame the trial is over.
Overall thoughts
Pixelbit Snooker & Pool is a very high quality, realistic snooker and pool simulation with great controls and plenty of game modes.

While I didn't even manage to finish a single game during my time playing the trial the game was very enjoyable. There seems to be a lot more to the game and the overall quality of the game is very high. The control scheme is comprehensive but still easy to use which is hard to get right. There are pool games on the Arcade and even released on disc for 360 which aren't as good as this.