RC Racing 360
Developed by Diego Malinverni
Released on January 4th 2010
Sold on XBLIG for 240 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on March 22nd 2011 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for RC Racing 360 is pretty fancy, showing a number of cars and has a nice composition. It's also fairly obvious from the name of the game what the game is about.

The first few intro screens are very nice and the menu is well designed and is full of great informative graphics. The music is also pretty good during the intro and on the menus.

First impressions are good, this looks like a polished game with great graphics.
Trial experience
Before starting the first race I select my car and see there are a wide range of vehicles available in the full version of the game. This screen and the level select screen are perfect examples of how to do a trial right. You can easily see what you get in the full version while not being too limited in the trial.

In to the race and driving is fairly straight forward and easy it's easy to get into the game. The levels are really well designed and the movement of the cars and driving physics seem to work really well.

There are a few occasions where I get knocked off the track or hit an obstacle which are a little annoying but it probably was just due to my driving. While driving the light changes as if to simulate the passing of time but it does seem to get far too dark during the race.

I finish third in the race after a disastrous encounter with a roundabout and head off to try the other track that's available in the trial. This track is a much simpler race-track and the drive is much more straight forward. I'm about half way through the race by the time the trial ends.
Overall thoughts
RC Racing 360 is a fun racing game with a wide range of vehicles and some very well designed tracks to race around.

The graphics of this game are very attractive. The levels are very well made as are the vehicle models. The physics of the game works well and driving the cars feels natural. The variation of tracks is nice to see although you do only get to play two in the trial mode. The only thing I didn't like is that sometimes the light seemed to drop too much and it was very dark but other than that the trial was very enjoyable and is one of the best racing games on XBLIG.