Run Away
Developed by L0llygagg3r
Released on October 23rd 2009
Sold on XBLIG for 80 MSP
Review details
Reviewed on April 5th 2011 by Martin Caine
First impressions
The box art for Run Away is simple and stylistic at the same time. It pretty accurately depicts the look of the game and the title gives you some idea of what the game is about. The first few loading screens give you an immediate idea of the style of graphics the game uses. The background music and graphics on the main menu are nice too. First impressions are good, even though the visuals at first look a little badly drawn it does infact make the game look unique.
Trial experience
Upon starting the game you're immediately shown a short scene where your character decides to annoy a dog, which promptly begins chasing you. It's immediately obvious what you have to do and there are useful on-screen prompts built into the backgrounds of the level to tell you which buttons do what.

I soon die and limp back home to my rather unimpressed girlfriend. Apparently she doesn't want to go out with a guy that can't run away from an angry dog.

I play through another few times, eventually managing to reach the end of the level. At that point I'm presented with the next level, this time being chased by an angry farmer. The gameplay is similar but there are new hazards to be avoided. He catches me and my girlfriend again is unimpressed with my efforts.

I make it through to the second level again just as the trial ends.
Overall thoughts
Run Away is a fun little game in which your character is chased around by angry people and animals (seemingly in an effort to impress your girlfriend).

The hand drawn graphic style works well in the game and both the foreground and background graphics of the levels are well designed. You almost get a feeling that the obstacles 'fit' and that it's not just some mad-man's assault course you're running through.

The animations between levels are nice, and although I only saw two in the trial I imagine there are many more funny little scenes to be seen in the game.

Overall I really liked the game although I don't think the trial would make me want to go on and buy the game. Infact I would probably start the trial again and see if I could get further in the 8 minutes available.